How We Do Things

Part of the team
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It’s all about collaboration

Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of BIM, and an accurate model sets the entire team up for success. We work closely with all involved – from owners to construction partners to design teams – to make a model that benefits everyone.

multiple site visits

One tiny misunderstanding can cost tens of thousands of dollars on a big contract. That’s why we encourage multiple site visits for every project. Communication is a critical piece to building a great partnership, and face-to-face interactions keep everyone on the same page.


Each build process starts with a conversation. We team up with the engineers to convert their 2D drawings into a 3D representation. That model helps owners and contractors streamline several components, including: 3D (visualizing the project), 4D (creating a realistic schedule) and 5D (determining the cost of materials). This helps the team get the most out of their time and resources, and also increases model accuracy by as much as 70%.


Once we have an approved model, we refine it into a tool for discussions, clarifications and problem-solving. This collaboration jumpstarts teamwork across the whole project and improves model accuracy to almost 100%. Our BIM model helps the team catch problems long before they become costly setbacks.


We work side-by-side with the contractors to create installation drawings for their construction team. The accuracy of the model means we can provide detailed instructions to the workers, which reduces the risk of mistakes and the need for rework. Now, instead of constantly troubleshooting, the contractor can focus on the quality of materials and installation, as well as a highly efficient workforce.


We update the BIM model with all remaining redlines, shop drawings and installation drawings to accurately represent the final construction. These documents are then turned over to the building owner for use in Facility Management. (So if a pipe bursts, the maintenance team will know exactly where it is and what they need to replace it.) Using Facility Management software with the BIM model will also speed up repairs and reduce downtime.

CalArr began working on our project with very short notice. They are very precise and willing to go the extra mile in order to get their client what they need. They took the lead in all of the BIM meetings and also had the meetings backed up for reference when needed. CalArr has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be calling them back for the next project.

Justin Dugger

Site Superintendent, Stetner Electric

I had the pleasure to work with CalArr on a project in Miami. I was hesitant at the beginning hiring someone I have never worked with before on a project for one of our biggest clients. James was Fantastic! He got things done and on time and didn’t ask for an extension. I also admire his patience as things changed over the course of the project. He was very understanding and helpful. I would go back to CalArr anytime I need his services.

Rob Tabbara

911 Security Cameras

CalArr is an outstanding partner in accomplishing detailed and complex projects. They often uncover new layers of competence that are a pleasant surprise. Always exceeds expectations.

Doug McIntire

McM Engineering