Let’s make
wasted resources
a thing of the past.

By partnering with owners,
designers, and contractors,

we create an accurate model so you can visualize your ideas,
detect conflicts before they become expensive problems, and

get the most out of
your time and budget.

our mission

CalArr provides qualified Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to make your installation process simple and stress-free.

We’re committed to making every commercial, industrial, and educational project

something you actually want
to put your name on.

Every installation is unique and every team works differently, so we work to bridge gaps in the design process.

That way, we can build a collaborative environment where everyone stays up-to-date from start to finish.

CalArr is an elite group of veterans that works efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to join forces with you and everyone involved in the process. That way, we’ll cut down the number of handoffs and make your team even stronger.

Our top priority is to keep your project running on schedule and on budget. And by partnering together, we’ll find the exact spots where BIM can streamline your project.

CalArr Consulting is based in North Carolina, U.S.A., and operates on a national scale.

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To respect the privacy and security of our clients, access to many project details and pictures are reserved for serious inquiries only.