build confidently

Give Your Team
X-ray Vision

Team up with CalArr and get the Building Information Modeling (BIM) services you need to help make your installation process simple and stress-free.


keep your

Prefabrication and BIM services let you visualize greater details of the construction installation,  enabling adjustments to be made earlier and estimates to be updated as needed throughout the construction.

Catch mistakes
before they happen

Virtual problems are easier (and cheaper) to solve than physical ones. Get ahead of issues before they become costly delays.

Stay informed
during the installation

Installation projects require a lot of moving parts. We partner with you every step of the way to keep the whole team informed, even as things change.

get the most
out of every resource

Whether the installation is big or small, BIM saves you time, energy, and money. That means you’ll have capacity for more projects and higher profitability through the continued use of a strong BIM team and knowledge.

We all have the same goal: To take an owner’s vision and deliver something that’s leaps and bounds beyond the envisioned. At CalArr, we’ll help you build something you actually want to put your name on.


And we’ll go the extra mile

so each member of your team can

focus on what they do BEST

for the

You want a return on your investment as well as an installation that meets your needs. CalArr works with you to visualize your project. That way, you can see how every piece fits — and how you can get the most out of every resource. Cut out the uncertainty and stress of building and use BIM to make your vision the best possible reality.

for the
General Contractor

You know the value of a good team. That means you need to keep your bid prices low enough to win contracts, but still be able to hire people who do great work. We use BIM software to help with logistics so you can take on bigger, more prestigious jobs and still stay on top of the details.

for the
Trade contractor

Doing things the right way matters, but it can be hard to provide high-quality work when you have a tight budget or time constraint. Our BIM services will help you limit surprise expenses, streamline the installation process, and keep everything running smoothly. That way, you can focus on creating something your team will be proud of.


How We Do Things









Better in person
Part of the team from start to finish

You want to keep your project running smoothly — so do we. In fact, we think face-to-face interactions are key pieces of any collaborative project. That’s why we build in three site visits for every job, spread throughout the installation.

CalArr began working on our project with very short notice. They are very precise and willing to go the extra mile in order to get their client what they need. They took the lead in all of the BIM meetings and also had the meetings backed up for reference when needed. CalArr has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be calling them back for the next project.

Justin Dugger

Site Superintendent, Stetner Electric

I had the pleasure to work with CalArr on a project in Miami. I was hesitant at the beginning hiring someone I have never worked with before on a project for one of our biggest clients. James was Fantastic! He got things done and on time and didn’t ask for an extension. I also admire his patience as things changed over the course of the project. He was very understanding and helpful. I would go back to CalArr anytime I need his services.

Rob Tabbara

911 Security Cameras

CalArr is an outstanding partner in accomplishing detailed and complex projects. They often uncover new layers of competence that are a pleasant surprise. Always exceeds expectations.

Doug McIntire

McM Engineering